Jefferson’s Bible

I recently read an article about Thomas Jefferson’s Bible. What struck me the most were the source books themselves.  Jefferson cut out the parts he thought were directly linked to Jesus’ teachings to create his own Bible.

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Now, I’ve always been an avid note-taker (I’ve even had to buy new copies of a book to make room for more notes), but I never thought to cut out sections.  Part of me feels uncomfortable thinking about tearing up parts or a page of a book!

However, it does make me think about the lengths we’ll go to engage with a text. And how what one person does with a book might shock another – think about whether you mind if someone breaks the spine of your book, turns the corner on a page, writes in the margin….

note: to see Jefferson’s Bible, click here

12 thoughts on “Jefferson’s Bible

  1. Wow! Thomas Jefferson, the original art book creator…? I actually find this quite inspiring, but you’re right, I do also cringe a bit at the thought of cutting up a book!

    • You are most welcome! I like this idea of “camping out” – the camp site was impeccable when you left 🙂 Thanks for visiting – am enjoying following your blog and your beautiful photographs.

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