For those of you who have mastered the art of walking and reading and are looking for a greater challenge, you may want to try the Archive II:

“a circular library for the nomad book collector, allowing the user to step inside, and walk away with half a ton of books” created by David Garcia Studio.

This is a fantastic alternative to a Kindle or iPad, and I would love to see someone rolling down the street in it!

61 thoughts on “Library-To-Go

    • I agree, it’s so beautiful! If you go to the artist’s website, you can see other book related pieces he’s done that are quite interesting too.

    • I agree; I wouldn’t want someone rolling down the sidewalk with that behind me although I’d love to walk alongside and look at their library 🙂

  1. I would end up reading the same book over and over again ( I am a terribly slow reader ) 😛
    But really… what a creative idea this really is 🙂

    • I know, I always have to look up from the book to make sure I’m not going to hit anything and can never get into the book… they must be superhuman 🙂

  2. I can see it now: I’d take two steps, somehow careen sideways, and spill all my books all over the place. I don’t think I’d walk in it, but maybe I could use it more like a wheel of chance and spin it to choose the next book to read. I love the way it looks.

    • I like the idea of using it as a wheel of chance to choose which book to read next, very nice! If you go to the artist’s website, you can see that it’s also used as a reading seat, which is quite cozy too!

  3. I think this would be dificult because of all the weight, our perhaps it helps the wheel roll 🙂

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  5. What a great photo! Do you think it would inspire the user to adopt a carnival-wheel style approach to reading? Just pull off whatever is at arm height and dig in!

    • I definitely think it would encourage this kind of random book selection – a sort of ‘spin the wheel’ library 🙂 (oh, and thanks for taking my reading questionnaire – I appreciate it!)

  6. What a great idea. I live in rural Thailand- where tech stuff is a bit behind and I go into Bangkok and watch these people walking around with what looks like an old school writing tablet. I just think– looking off from the side– Someone just tricked the heck out of a lot of people. Give me a paperback.

  7. I still haven’t mastered the art of walking and reading without bumping, banging or hurting someone else!! 😉 This is really one lovely blog for all the “book-dragons” like me!! Thank you for all those lovely posts!! 🙂

    • Having had two dogs as a child, I know how easy it is to get the leashed tangled up, so adding the complication of holding a book in one hand and avoiding hitting into things…. I am quite impressed by your neighbor!

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