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Richard Feynman

I never took a course in physics or astronomy in school.  And, I suppose it’s for this reason that I have an odd fascination for these subjects.  My knowledge is quite limited, I admit. I’ve read and listened to Richard Feynman’s exciting lectures on physics, watched some DVDs on the nature of the Universe, and played around with my Night Sky ipod app.

So I was delighted to come across a wonderful blog on all things astronomy related called “The Cosmos” written by a high school student named Tina.  She recently nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award – thank you so much, Tina!

Tina is a young Renaissance woman in the making. A student who is not only making a name for herself in the world of astronomy but is also a budding poet. Check out her poetry blog here:

In accepting this award, I am to name 7 blogs that inspire me (I found it difficult to limit myself to 7 as I follow so many amazing blogs!). What I like about the nature of these awards is that they provide us with an opportunity to shine a light on other people’s works: words that make us think, laugh, shake our heads…. I hope that these inspire you as well.   Drew’s blog is mainly about movies, music, and animation but he covers a lot more than that. He moves from philosophical musings on the movements of snails to comedic ponderings on Kristen Stewart’s facial expressions!   In fact, Frances Antoinette can write and does write very well indeed! Her posts range from reading about Vera and Vladimir Nabokov’s marriage while working out at the gym to the symbiotic relationship between ugliness and beauty (her photographs are great too). A beautiful blog on living in Patagonia. I love his photographs as they remind me of my time spent there.  Each post is like a little poem (with a soundtrack too!). Laurie’s blog centers around her charming bed and breakfast in Manhattan, Kansas, USA. Her photos are stunning. She writes about nature, gardening, food, wine; everything we dream about when we dream about a weekend at a bed and breakfast….    A writer, teacher, and voracious reader. Writes on everything to do with books, reading and writing in a lovely, engaging style. One of my favorite recent posts included the following line, “I collect words.  If possible I would display them in petite glass bell jars all about my house.” There’s more to the story, but you’ll have to go to the blog to read the rest!    I recently discovered his blog but am enchanted with his writing style. His book reviews and musings on all things literary are wonderfully witty. I even ordered a book he reviewed just to see if I hated the characters as much as he did!     This is a charming Japanese blog with beautiful photos and an adorable cat named “Myau-kun”. The aim of the blog is to teach us more about Japanese culture, literature, nature, gardens, etc. I always look forward to new posts and am sure you will too.

Finally, I am meant to tell you 7 things about myself. I’ve already mentioned my lack of high school physics so only 6 more to go!

  1. I just finished reading Murakami’s After the Quake.
  2. I haven’t decided what I’m going to read next.
  3. I love The Oxford English Dictionary.
  4. I love that most French books are white.
  5. I rarely lend out my books.
  6. I love the etymology of words.

36 thoughts on “Inspiring Words

  1. Thankyou for the hype you’ve given me. It was an unexpected honour to receive your nomination and kind words. I’m in very inspiring company with your good self and the other six blogs you list.

      • I am busying bigging you up as we type and shall post tomorrow. The word enchanted has made my week, the week that hasn’t happened yet but nothing will beat it and also last week and last week was good but not this good. I hope I can keep you entertained as much in the future.

        • “the week that hasn’t happened yet” I love that! See, your writing is naturally wonderful so please don’t feel any pressure whatsoever to entertain any of your readers, it just happens without you knowing it! 🙂

          Nor any pressure to ‘big me up’ 🙂 haha, that made me laugh

          • Yay for my words. Sometimes i say a sentence and then watch people work out in their head what I just said, as I tend to go all round the houses instead of getting to a point. I shall quote you when people get frustrated at me.

            It’s tough to pick my favourite bloggers though, there are so many great sites. I might put them in a bag and steal a ferret whom I will train to pick out seven blogs from a sack.

  2. Hi Letizia,
    Congratulations on your deserved award, you have a lot of art in your blog and collecting his big heart.
    Is an honor to mention me for this award. I already received previously at another time. Your words fill me with joy today, you are very kind and so I send you warm greetings. Your Spanish is perfect, thank you.

  3. congratulations for the nomination, letizia! as regards to your next book, you might want to consider cheryl strayed’s non-fiction book titled “wild” which i found “wildly” amusing and inspiring. it’s about her adventures trekking the Pacific Crest Trail solo.

    • Thanks! That’s a good suggestion – I’ve heard about it (and loved Bill Bryson’s ‘A Walk in the Woods’ so thought it might be similar in a way). I just started a biography on Ezra Pound but may need a second, slightly “lighter” book as an “accompanying” book so I think your suggestion is perfect!!

  4. Wow! Thank you for the mention on your blog! It’s funny, but just today, I bought “After the Quake” by Murakami. Although Norwegian Wood is my favorite of his novels, I tend to enjoy his short stories more than his novels. As soon as a friend enlightened me about “After the Quake”, I went to look for a used copy.

    • You’re most welcome! What a coincidence that you bought “After the Quake” today… I really enjoy his writing (loved Norwegian Wood too!) and just love the art of short stories in general. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them!

  5. La nostra immaginazione è tesa al massimo; non, come nelle storie fantastiche, per immaginare cose che in realtà non esistono, ma proprio per comprendere ciò che davvero esiste. (citato all’inizio di Wheeler, Taylor, “Fisica dello spazio-tempo”). From Richard Feynman wikiquote…baci

    • E tanto vero, Tania! La realta e piu bella e sorprendente di quello che possiamo capire – questo e che rende la vita cosi interessante, a volte, no? 🙂

      mille baci, cara amica!

  6. and…
    “Questo convegno è stato peggio di un test di Rorschach, quando vi mettono davanti una macchia d’inchiostro informe, vi chiedono cosa vedete, ma se tentate di rispondere vi danno del matto. (da Sta scherzando Mr. Feynman!, capitolo L’elettricità è il fuoco?)

    This conference was worse than a Rorschach test: There’s a meaningless inkblot, and the others ask you what you think you see, but when you tell them, they start arguing with you!”

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