In Bed

A new way to think about reading in bed…..


And sometimes you just want to curl up in a good book…..


And here’s a duvet cover to keep your arms and hands warm as you read!







79 thoughts on “In Bed

    • I’m sure the story is sleep related in some way too, right? Perhaps a version of sleeping beauty? Now you have me wondering what text I would want on my duvet book if I had one!

  1. That book-shaped bed is wonderful! I’d like to curl up in that and I’m sure that our cats would sleep on it all the time, as they seem to like sleeping on top of paper ones often enough.

  2. People actually do that ? I mean for real ? I have seen people purchase bed sheets with mickey mouse all over it but this… Creative idea !

    • It’s so creative, it’s true! The book bedding with the words could be found in a hotel room for a while (not sure if it’s still there) and the last one (the one with the arm and hand covers) is actually for sale.

  3. The duvet cover with the attached gloves is the winner for me. It’s so drafty in our bedroom, and I have to wear a sweater in bed when I read. Even then my hands are still cold!

    Although if you got up suddenly, you’d take your whole bed with you. ; )

    • It’s so wonderful- and it even has “pages”: duvet sheets you can turn over (not sure that’s clear from the photos). That makes it even cooler, I think!

  4. another great and important post…the pages of books where I dream…day and night. The first photo is an image of what a book may be…another important reminder of what literature may be: some long and endless lullaby. Your work is an inspiration.

  5. That is so versatile, it’s like a a Swiss Army knife, no Swiss army bed. If I had that bed I wouldn’t get out, I would have to train a chinchilla to fetch me books though first. Always plan ahead that is the ‘pillow’ of success.

  6. I love this post! In college, one of my dorm mates took white cotton flat sheets and used permanent markers to write Emily Dickinson poems in large cursive writing all down the center and around the edges. She gave them as birthday gifts to her friends, and those of us who received one of her creations felt honored!

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