How many books does it take…..

to keep a car from flipping over?

I had never thought about this question until I visited The Riverside Museum, Glasgow’s  Museum of Transport and Travel.



This surprisingly engaging museum was designed by famed architect Zaha Hadid.  The cars and trains (and bicycles, motorcycles, etc.) were fascinating not only in their historic value but as objects of art.


Postal delivery motorcycle ©







But I really laughed when I saw this little car:






I don’t know how many books it actually took to keep the car from flipping over, but I love the idea that one needed to drive with one’s library for safety reasons!





63 thoughts on “How many books does it take…..

  1. Haha… That is what you would have done as well, I am sure given your love for books and reading. We guys used to solve such problems in physics back in high school days 😛

    Sometimes I think why is it that we are easily attracted by vintage stuff. I mean for one, they have been there once, seen their times and have been replaced. There is a better technology out there now. But still it feels so warm… the old typewriters and all. Sort of like gives a story of how it all started and, we love stories- don’t we 🙂

    • Yes, the stories make them much more personal and remind us that they are part of the human experience. I think that you would have liked the museum, Tatsat; as you walk around, you see the beautiful trains and cars and see how technology has changed over the ages and also why it has changed; quite interesting.

      • I haven’t been to a museum, and that is not something I am proud of. But as you can understand, I would love to be there. Moreso in one where it is about technology. This one is going to be on my list 🙂

  2. I love this museum and that little car loaded with books in the front must have been something….I would put a few dictionaries that I never use and a few outdated travel books.
    I love the postal motor bike too! What a great sight showing up everyday!

    • A few big dictionaries would certainly help, that’s a good idea! And all those outdated travel books we never know what to do with, great!

      I love the postal bike too!

  3. I’m assuming hardcovers because they weigh more. In the States, people keep bags of sand in their pickups to prevent the back end from fishtailing on ice. I wonder if anyone has used waterproof books.

  4. What a crazy question to contemplate, I would love to take all my books around with me. This type of car was always getting abuse from Mr Bean in the old TV shows…you always pick the most fascinating places to visit.

  5. I have a coach’s guide, two notebooks, three coloring books and a box of cookies in mine – and it hasn’t tipped over (yet), so that’s confirmation, right? I hope it can go on the coach’s guide, notebooks and coloring books.

    I predict the cookies won’t be there long.

  6. I can’t resist a museum, any museum. Sometimes the little regional ones are fascinating – none of your flashy inter-activity and stuff, just interesting social history.
    Love the ‘world’s oldest bike’ in Glasgow, some claim.

    • And Roy I love that they weren’t 100% sure if it really was the world’s oldest bicycle and that they admitted that. Very humble and sweet in a way. The bike seemed to weigh a ton; it must have been quite difficult to navigate and remain upright (not to mention trying to get uphill….).

    • It’s good to always have some good books on hand; you never know when they’ll be useful. That’s great that you keep some in the car: emergency books!

  7. Isn’t it wonderful to have such great museums that everyone can admire even from your (admittedly fabulous) photos. Hopefully everyone will actually visit in person too though! 🙂

  8. This is so clever. I love the places you introduce us to. This will have to be on my list. We always had to balance the firewood in the back of the truck as we wound around mountain roads. But that car is adorable.

    • It’s such a cute little car, isn’t it? The car was commonly called the Wee Bluey but also known as the AC Car. If you google AC car you’ll see that they made a few cars but this one was different in that it only had three wheels.

  9. I have not being to Scotland now I have to go, what a cute car, who knew books could help with cars too. The photos are really good and love the museum did not know that Zaha Hadid had done it, it is truly amazing (that first photo has so much texture in it I like it).

  10. thanks for share so interesting post about books and literature. A book itself is a vehicle to read, to run,to fly…to sustain things like lamps and other objects…utmost, a hill of books I feel as a wall protection to myself…at home…at office. What is a book? All the best.

  11. Letizia. You are such an artist with a camera and words. I love the ship in refection and the motorcycle. I enjoyed the car. If ever you get stuck you have plenty of entertainment!

    • Thanks Dannie! The ship in the reflection is such a clever idea on the architect’s part. And I love that motorcycle too. I would love my post to be delivered that way (in fact I would love to try to ride it!).

      So many of the vehicles’ beauty lay in the details and the color. True pieces of art.

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