The Library Dress

The end of August means back to school time for many.

And what better way to celebrate the return to classes than with a ….

Library Dress!



I thought it was wonderful of Tommy Hilfiger to celebrate the bibliophile-fashionista. Although I’m not quite sure it’s the look I’m going for personally. It made me smile though!




(all photos from the NYTimes T Magazine.  Sorry for the poor quality, the magazine pages  were a bit creased)

86 thoughts on “The Library Dress

  1. It made me smile too
    is very cute

    Do you have clothes with books on them?

    I don’t, but a friend is going to make me a ring with little tiny books
    and going to ask for a pendant too 😉

    • I don’t have any clothes with books on them, but I do have a sweatshirt with “Reading is Sexy” that I wear to garden. It’s too silly to wear outside of the home but it makes me laugh!

      A ring with little books, so cute! You’ll have to put a photo on your blog when she finishes it!

  2. How fabulous! Interestingly, I see that there are plenty of other ‘bookshelf’ fabrics online, so one could always make one’s own bespoke dress to avoid that embarrassing ‘we’ve got the same garment’ moment as mentioned above! A must have, I would have thought…!! 😀

    • Hopefully this is the start of a whole line of men’s and women’s library line for Hilfiger. Old fashioned card catalogue ties, library card handkerchiefs…

  3. What an idea!! The sexy nerd look!! And it should be custom made so you could have all your favourite books lined up on the print… Seriously considering getting something made like this now!! 😉

  4. If I saw a woman wearing this, she’d probably move in slow motion with her hair blowing in the breeze, and I’d hear the song “Dream Weaver” play in the background. Dreamy.

    For myself, I’d like a pair of boxers in that pattern.

    Make that two.


  5. Great post. That fabric is wild and those oxfords bring back painful memories. Believe it or not, that is something my mother would have made me (as a skirt). Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about that. 🙂

  6. what a good idea…ah if only I was a woman…’sadly’ my cross dressing gene hasn’t been activated so I will leave this one strictly for the ladies…If I met anyone in this I would be squinting at the spines to see if there were any readable titles on the dress, thus cementing my new reputation as a pervert.

    • I’ve seen paper dresses – they are quite interesting texture wise but I would think that they would be a bit uncomfortable (especially if one were to sit down?). But if it had print on it, it would be worth it!

  7. Oh my gosh I want that dress! Want. It. So much. And I love the way it looks so natural as a skirt when you put a sweater over it, and not like…well, like you put a sweater over a dress.

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