Literary Pajamas

A recent lighthearted conversation with my blogging friends Britt Skrabanek and Stan Mitchell led me to wonder if there were any literature themed onesie pajamas for adults.  You know, the ones with the incorporated footies and big zipper down the front that children wear.

The only one that really caught my eye (I’m not saying I would actually wear this. I’m just saying that it caught my eye….) is this Where the Wild Things Are inspired onesie.

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“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” C.S. Lewis


"That very night in Max's room a forest grew"

“That very night in Max’s room a forest grew”


Maybe onesie pajamas should be just for children?

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80 thoughts on “Literary Pajamas

  1. Love that story. Saw onesie pajamas for grown ups at target and wanted to get them, but I did not (I felt a bit old haha), they bring back good memories for me, we use to put talc on the floor and skate,maybe if we wear them something magical will happen.

    • I have fond memories of wearing them as a child as well (mine were bright orange). I never tried the skating on the talc though!

      You’re right, Doris, perhaps wearing them does lead to magical adventures.

  2. Oh my word!!!!!!!!!!! I had totally forgotten about that book.

    The moment I saw it I was immediately transported back into the library of my Elementary School!!! I’m so going to track that thing down and re-read it!!!!

    And only you, in all your GREATNESS!!!!, could take a friggin’ conversation about onesie’s and somehow get it back about literature AND get turn it into an amazing blogpost….

    Why do you hang with me again? I bow to your greatness…

  3. Haha, I think I’ll pass on those PJs. My kids mock me enough as it is. No need to give them more fuel. But I agree with that quote: “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” As parents, we have to read them over and over and over again. The books must be enjoyed by us, too!

  4. I am enjoying rereading many children’s books. In fact I bought this one last year to have on my shelf. If I were the type of person to wear a onesie, I would by this one. Or maybe Hector Protector…with the feather and the crow. (raven?)

  5. Literary onesies; best left inside the book covers I think 😉 Unless they have those old fashioned buttoned flaps at the back for ease of toiletting! I am with L.Palmer on that issue.

  6. Cute! Love the C S Lewis quote – so very true. A lot of the writers on retreat here settle into their onesies once it gets dark outside. It’s so cool to be at work and yet bumping into tigers and bright blue elephants in the corridors!

  7. Ha Ha! Love this post! This was my eldest son’s favourite book and this reminded me so much of all the times we sat, cuddled and read this together, once-upon-a-time 🙂 Great quote by C S Lewis too, thank you 🙂

  8. Well, this probably goes without saying…but you know I’m game for the “Where the Wild Things Are” onesie.

    I think it’s time to share my mascot dreams secret. I like big, silly outfits. One time when I was working at Sam’s Club, I dressed up as the Easter Bunny in the store. I handed out candy to the kids and danced around, shaking my tail and whatnot. It was a glorious day.

  9. So many children’s stories are double meaning and can be read many times at different ages. Lewis and his friend Tolkien are proof of that along with many other notable authors. And onesies bring out the best in many stories. Letizia. I enjoy your post so much.

    • So true. Their poetic, metaphoric nature often paired with illustrations give them so many meanings to be enjoyed and explored by so many.

      Guess you guys won’t be needing the onesies in Thailand though!

  10. This could be a whole new market, you could do lots of characters…everyting from Greek myths to bits of cardboard, recognisable from lots of best sellers! it could be lucrative. I think I would be an urchin from a Dickens novel…who would you be?

    • I would pay to see you dressed in a Dickensian onesie urchin! I think I’d like to be a tiger from one of Cortazar’s short stories. Plus, the stripes and whiskers would be cool to wear.

      • You would pay…you would have to speak to my pimp first methinks…stripes and whiskers make you sound like a dramatically haired Major from the Victorian era that is in prison…or should that be gaol.

  11. I have been looking for one of these onesies ever since I grew out of my last one which is decades ago. My feet never got cold. Thought you would like the Maurice sendak google Doodle!!!

    • I had never seen this, thank you!

      As you need to get a new onesie to keep your feet warm, may I suggest the Sendak inspired one? How can you resist the claw gloves? 😉

  12. We’re already wearing winter hats in the house anyway so might as well be really warm and wild at the same time! I’ll have to get a pair of these and go for the real kittywampus effect. Where the Wild Things Are was one of our big favorites growing up. I loved the part where he tried to be good in the bathtub but there was a storm. Funny how that always happens!

  13. Love the pics. I don’t miss the onesies of childhood. I always was too warm. I like layering. Off with the socks whenever I like. 🙂

    • Oh dear no heat! I hate when that happens! Hopefully it didn’t last too long and Miles and Atticus kept you nice and warm. You’ll have to buy some onesies for next time…

  14. Truly Wonderful…
    They seem comfy and warm and If you are a literature lover, you just can’ t miss the sense behind them…
    Best wishes, Letizia, I hope to read your upates very soon,
    Aquileana 🙂

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