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I was so pleased when my blogging friend and author, Liesa Malik, asked me to write a guest post on her wonderful blog. I always look forward to her posts, her reflections on the creative process, and updates on her beautiful German Shepard.

Check out Liesa’s great blog and my guest post by clicking here: “The Copyright Page”



37 thoughts on “The Copyright Page

  1. It never occurred to me NOT to read copyright, dedication, acknowledgement pages; after all, they too often provide so many clues and curios about the book and background. Thank you Letizia for honing in on those precious pages!

    • The Namesake was good wasn’t it? (The movie was as well). I love all her books, especially her last book of short stories. Glad you enjoyed the post, Lynne – thanks for checking it out.

    • It’s always fun to write a guest post but there’s a special joy in the post-writing, when we get to co-reply on people’s comments. The whole process has been lovely. Looking forward to doing it again in the new year!

    • She has done quite a few creative ones like that, in different shapes. The first one she ever did was for a gardening book. She noticed that the words started to look like a tree so she asked the publisher if she could deliberately shape it into a tree.

  2. A wonderful post. There is always a story within a story, within a story. Books are living, joyous companions. There is a communication that occurs between two people (author & reader) that will, in all likelihood never meet. With books, we are not limited to time, space or location. We converse with the past, just as easily as having coffee with a friend. You are so right, Letizia – the Copyright Page is essential, as are the forwards and epilogue. Can you imagine if J.R.R. Tolkien had left out the appendices?

  3. Great post. Well, I read books in French and in those “old” books, for example from 1968, the publisher tells that copyright is valid for all countries including Russia and Scandinavian countries.

    Why the publisher separately mentions Scandinavian countries? Why Finland is not included into all countries of the world, why to exclude it?

    This has caused some smile to me during years.

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