Reading in Thailand

I love when my blogging friend and author, Dannie Hill, writes about his life, especially his time in Thailand. In just a few words, he is able to transport me to his home, and I feel as if we are sitting in his garden having a drink together.

©Dannie Hill

©Dannie Hill


I asked him if he could share with us an experience of reading in his Thai garden. Once again, he has transported me with his words. Thank you, my friend.

Here is Dannie’s lovely piece:

©Dannie Hill

©Dannie Hill


Letizia asked me to write a post for her site and, for me, it’s always exciting to interact with such an intelligent, pretty and dedicated person.

Her blog is one of my favorites because she talks about the things I love—books and readers—and she always makes me smile and think.

I’m a writer and the number one rule for those who love to write is: you must love to read.

Recently my wife and I returned to the States and now live in Southern Florida on the East coast. Before, we lived in Thailand for ten years where we have a small farm in a very rural area in central Thailand. At least once a week I’m ready to pack my bags and move back. Not because I don’t love the States, but the live style is so different.


©Dannie Hill

©Dannie Hill


On our farm television was a thing of the evenings and almost all of my time was spent outside working, walking and sitting in my garden reading and thinking. My daydreams were much like my childhood dreams. Full of adventure, wondering why and the amazement of reading stories which I am astounded how a writer could think of such things.


©Dannie Hill

©Dannie Hill


One of my favorite places to read was sitting on a boulder by one of our ponds. This rock was special to me because it has a petrified tree within it that exposes its branches in various spot on the rough surface of the rock. To me it seemed that this rock and its inhabitant helped me imagine the world of the book I was reading. I also enjoyed reading and writing while looking out over our orchids, mangoes, black pepper vines and the flowers. Early morning was for writing before the heat became too much for my computer and then after working on the constant needs of a farm for a few hours I settled into my favorite spot to read and take journeys in my mind.


Books were not readily obtained and they were expensive so I turned to my Kindle, which my oldest son gave to me as a present. What a gift! I did miss holding bound books for the feel and smell, but the convenience of carrying a library with me is exciting. Classics, fantasies, adventures, romance, poems, and independent writers were my companions and it was a rare occasion that they weren’t by my side. That’s still true here in the States.


©Dannie Hill

©Dannie Hill


We still have our little farm and believe me I can hear it whispering my name. Here in the States I get to indulge in another of my favorite things—the sea. Sitting in my small fishing boat out upon the incessant sea I read or just watch the reflective rollers speeding by, while waiting for a fish to occupy my time. I love to sail but at this time I am confined to a small fishing boat. I don’t know why, but stepping onto a boat and feeling the fluid motion drains all the anxieties of my mind and relaxes my body. And reading while at sea is as magical as sitting on my rock in Thailand.


I’m truly humbled that Letizia has allowed me to visit with others that love her writing and I just hope I did her site justice. Once in a while a name catches a writer that inspires and holds their attention and they just want to use it in their writing. To me one of those ‘catch names’ is Letizia.


Connect with Dannie 

Dannie’s Blog: A Writer’s Life in Thailand

Twitter: @DannieC_Hill

Haven’t read his novels yet? Here are two you can start with:











56 thoughts on “Reading in Thailand

  1. It seems your life in wonderful Thailand was like paradise! I love the place where you used to read and your garden, yours flowers!!
    It is great to have both: the sea and the beautiful countryside of Thailand……

  2. Living in exotic places fascinates me. I wonder if the giant pots were used as part of an irrigation system. Having a special place to read, dream and think is important to most readers and Danny described such a place. Thanks, Letizia for sharing this. ⛵️⚓️🌺

  3. Yay! Two of my favorite humans in one awesome place!

    See, this is where I have to side with ereaders being a great thing. I’ve been fortunate to live in a place where I can have any book I want, but being in a remote location can make it difficult to come by books.

    As always, Dannie, your amazing spirit shines through your words. I’d be happy to have a beer by that pond in Thailand or on your boat in Florida, where we can chat about books and life any time.

  4. I was in Thailand a long time ago. Loved the country and the people. Some day, I plan to return, but I don’t think I could ever live there for long periods of time. I’d miss my home too much. It sounds like you have a lovely place now in the U.S. and in Thailand. You are so fortunate to have the choice to live where you’d like.

  5. I’ve visited Thailand several times in the last three years. There’s a small side street in Bangkok which has begun to feel a bit like our home away from home. I do wonder what it would be like to live there. Reading in Bangkok would however be vastly different from reading on your farm. You made it sound very attractive and very peaceful, Dannie.

  6. Dannie I think as you say each place has its special quality and for me as long as I get the chance to read, I’m a happy lady. Where I can be taken to many far off lands in a blink of an eye. Thanks for sharing your two beautiful reading places.

  7. Beautiful blog, Dannie. I love the pictures you always include. Reminds me of my life in Mexico, and, like you, there are times when I miss it so much I would pack a suitcase and run to the nearest airport. I read all the time, so I understand your love of books. When I got back to the states I couldn’t wait to go to the library and hold a book in my hand again. As with you, books are hard to find in English in Mexico. I love my Kindle, as well, but as I have been recovering I have read constantly and loving it!

  8. Just as in the description of your blog, Letizia, it’s fun to read of how other people actually read– where, when, how, why. There’s more to the story than just words on a page, isn’t there? 🙂

  9. That sounds like the perfect routine: writing, farming, then reading all while surrounded by flowers. I also love reading by the ocean or garden and wouldn’t be able to decide between the two.

  10. To work in nature and then read and think, well that just sounds perfect. I think that your use of a Kindle is not to be frowned upon as I usually do, It’s great to get more of an insight into your thoughts and lifestyle…more please.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words. It took a while to get use to reading with a Kindle, but it does make it easier when living in a far off place. Nature for me has always been a part of my life and always will be.

  11. Your life in Thailand sounds divine. I was just in Florida last week, and as I live in New Hampshire, the beautiful weather and greenery was a welcome treat. I agree with you about Letizia – her lovely writing always makes me want to take a moment and indulge in a book.

    • So sorry for being late to reply. Thank you, Kate. If it weren’t for the ocean I wouldn’t be able to live in Florida, ha! I still miss Thailand and will be going back this year for a long visit. It’s truly a remarkable place and it’s the people that make it so.

  12. Just reading of the peace and tranquility you felt when borrowing time to journey through a book or daydream of adventure took me on an adventure of my own. Good read as always Dannie.

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