The chicken in the library

A chicken walks into a library, goes up to the librarian and says, “Book book book.”

The librarian gives the chicken a book and the chicken walks away.


Later on, the chicken returns with the book repeating, “Book book book.”

Confused, the librarian takes the old book back and gives the chicken another book. The chicken rushes out the door.

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Once again, the chicken returns, repeating, “Book book book!”

The librarian gives the chicken another book but wondering what’s going on, decides to follow the chicken.


He follows the chicken to a pond.

In the pond, there’s a frog.

The chicken gives the book to the the frog,

who replies, “Reddit, reddit!”

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I heard this silly joke on the radio and it made me laugh. Wishing all of you a Happy Easter, Happy Spring, and I hope that you don’t feel like you’ve “reddit, reddit” all!



69 thoughts on “The chicken in the library

      • I’ve always pictured it happening in the local library in my old home town. This is because I first heard it on a Bob Monkhouse (or was it Tom O’Connor?) show when I was a teenager. Thanks for writing it out โ€“ I’ve since forgotten the details to the narrative, and found myself unable to tell the joke recently!

  1. I haven’t heard it yet – it is not translatable, as the German chicken-sound does not resemble book, nor does the frog sound like reddit.German chicken make Gohk, gohk – or Bohk, bohk … (Hรผhner gackern) and frogs sound like Quark (curd) or Quebec.

    • Then it doesn’t work at all in German! I’ve always heard that chickens say “cluck cluck” in English and frogs say “gribbit” (I think) in English, but I suppose this is close enough for the joke to work!

  2. Letizia that is just TOO CUTE for words, my daughter and I laughed and could imagine a picture book illustrated. Thank you for making us laugh on this Easter Sunday and have a lovely Easter.

  3. The old ones are the best. I hope you had a happy Easter and here’s a bad joke backatcha. a guy walks into a bar and sees Vincent Van Gogh, he approaches him and says says how much he loves his work and can he buy him a beer, to which Vinny replies no,thanks I’ve got one ‘ere.

  4. I love the joke! Thank You telling it. When talking animals in libraries, In Oulu, Finland they have tested the idea of childrenโ€™s reading to a dog in libraries. The child reads some book to the dog in a peaceful place. The results have been promising because dog is a good listener and thus it inspires children to read more and more books.

    • They have this program here in the US as well! It is such a great idea. Especially for children who are shy about their reading skills. Dogs are wonderful listeners. I’m happy to hear the program exists in Finland too!

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