Devouring Books


“As cooks, we must first taste a dish in our imaginations, see it on the table, share it with guests – sometimes more fanciful than real – and then actually reproduce it from a text.  

A longing for the pleasures of the table reflects a concern for balance and harmony and an integration of the physical and spiritual nature of our existence.  

In this way, cookbooks are a meditation.  Preparing a dish or a meal is not merely an effort to satisfy physical hunger but often a quest for the good life.”

Janet Theophano – 

Eat My Words: Reading Women’s Lives Through the Cookbooks They Wrote




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The design and innovations agency, Korefe, created this edible cookbook for a publishing house.  

It consists of layered sheets of pasta so the “pages” can be used as layers for lasagna.  




66 thoughts on “Devouring Books

  1. And to think that I find making lasagna difficult enough– without adding words to the top of it! Interesting. Also, agree with the idea that preparing food is more than nourishing the body, it is intentionally connecting the body to the soul. I must remember that more often.

  2. I have never heard of this and I think it is great! Now someone need to do the same for the other great books that are out there. I can imagine eating a pot pie with my favorite book’s cover as the topping! Letizia. You always make me smile and think of the possibilities after reading your post!

  3. I’d love to devour that book right about now – it looks like a good one! 🙂 I’ve never heard of anything like this, but now it makes me wonder why it’s not done more often. There are so many words we could be eating!

    • And wouldn’t it be fun to see what words and phrases you got when you were served a slice? I wonder how well you would be able to read the end results. Yum, yum, indeed!

  4. Oops, I just realized I forgot to comment on your post. I scurried over to Twitter to share it and forgot to come back! But what a cool idea this is. And who doesn’t love a good lasagna? 🙂

  5. Love the quote…. reading recipe books ( especially Nigella lawson’s ones), is one of my great pleasures, as well as meditatively cooking…. creativity and cooking go hand in hand for some of us ! especially when reading a lasagne book !!!

  6. That is amazing, I am usually hungry for books and devour them but to do so literally would be awesome and probably make me a true bibliophile. Having a recipe to use and then eat the instructions is a great idea and saves the trees as well which is awesome.

    Cooking is awesome, I need to get more creative in the kitchen but I keep being distracted by books and things, however if you’ve got the oven on, I’ll bring a bottle!

    • When I’m at work, my dog scours the Internet for hours for book related items which she then bookmarks for me on the computer. I owe it all to her!

  7. Now I know the secret ingredient to cooking and books–it’s more than the elements thrown together, but the beauty of the care. Thanks for another great post, Letizia.

    • It’s all about pleasure and harmony. My grandmother said it was important to set the table well even if you were only eating alone. Hope you had a good weekend, Liesa.

  8. Now, that’s just the coolest thing I’ve seen all day. I thought it looked like dough at first, until I saw the food added in, and realized it was pasta! Thanks for sharing! Now, where’s my fork?

  9. That is such an incredible idea! It would make a spectacular presentation for a simple dish like lasagna. How fun would it be if they did this for widely read and treasured books — we could all serve up lasagna copies of our favourite novels for dinner then!

  10. Sorry to come slightly late to the party on this one. Isn’t it amazing what books inspire! I love reading cookery books. Like you, I think, I love reading anything really – I saw a road sign the other day which simply said ‘This sign has moved’ – go figure!! 🙂

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