Falling into Autumn

copyright: readinginterrupted.com

copyright: readinginterrupted.com

Our first Autumn weekend,

when the mornings are chilly

when you search for a sweater for the first time since March

when you swear you can see the leaves turning from green to yellow before your very eyes


copyright: readinginterrupted.com

Zucchini and green pea soup with parsley (copyright: readinginterrupted.com)


I made soups

-zucchini and green pea-

-asparagus and white bean-

-butternut squash and apple-

too much soup but the leftovers will wait in the freezer

and will warm us on a future autumn evening


copyright: readinginterrupted.com

Pineapple Sage (copyright: readinginterrupted.com)


The pineapple sage has finally turned red

and the anemones are thriving this year


copyright: readinginterrupted.com

Anemones  (copyright: readinginterrupted.com)

copyright: readinginterrupted.com

Hydrangea  (copyright: readinginterrupted.com)


Autumn is nature’s last blush before hibernation

I watch it in awe while I eat soup and read poetry.


copyright: readinginterrupted.com

(copyright: readinginterrupted.com)





62 thoughts on “Falling into Autumn

  1. It does indeed feel like the leaves are changing colors before our eyes. I was out with my youngest son this afternoon, just marveling at the gorgeous colors. I love this time of year. And from your beautiful words, I see you do too!

  2. Ah Letizia, I do love this season. You have captured its essence using all the senses. I smell the fragrant aroma of soup and feel the crisp wind on my cheek, even as the sunshine sweeps gently down to warm the earth. There is an expectancy that a new season is about to begin, but the last blooms hold fast to the last vestiges of summer, like a child attempting to stay awake. Resilience and promise of something new…
    By the way, I’ve convinced my husband to move towards a more vegetarian lifestyle.

  3. To be honest I love everything you write about, Letizia! You make me think. Beautiful photos and that soup, oh my! Although I haven’t lived in a place with Autumn or Winter for many years I’ve learned the seasons in the tropic, which do change. Why, there may be several days upcoming where I may have to put on long pants, ha!

    • The subtle changes of tropical seasons- not as grandiose and dramatic as up north but interesting in their own way I’m sure. And the occasional opportunity to put on a pair of trousers haha!

  4. I do like the first sweater days, although I know I will be oh, so tired of them by spring and will look forward to the first T-shirt days…comes with the territory. I need to make some soups too, I still have a butternut squash from the garden that should be cooked up…

    • I know, we will be so tired of sweaters in a couple of months. How lovely to have your own squash. A coworker used to grow her own and would give me some of her surplus. That’s when I learned to make the soup. Enjoy your butternut squash!

  5. I want to live in your world of soup and poetry! It is amazing that leaves (or is it leafs?) are changing as we go about your lives. Keep wrapped up though as Jon Snow would say Winter is coming.

  6. How do you make soup, Letizia? I think about it sometimes, and even buy the dried beans from the store. I’ll suggest we try it, but get a thumbs down just about every time. Is it the soup idea or the cook? Hmm. Thanks for a great taste of autumn!

    • Soup is super easy, Liesa! If you don’t want to soak the beans, then you can use high quality canned ones or skip the beans altogether. Just sauté shallots and then add whatever vegetable you want to use, add stock and boil. Then puree everything together, including the beans (you can leave some of the veggies or beans out of the puree-ing process if you want some chunks). A drizzle of olive oil and some parsley et voila!

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  8. I love butternut squash soup, but never thought to pair it with apple. What a terrific idea. I’ll give it a try when I make my next batch of soup. Do you have a recommended variety of apple to use?

    Happy Autumn! Hope your pup is doing well. 🙂

  9. This is such a beautiful celebration of autumn – thank you for making me feel nice and cozy. Your soup sounds so good too. I’ll have to try asparagus and white bean one of these Sunday afternoons. I’ve been mulling apple cider with spices as a way of warming up and making everything smell like the season. Enjoy your soup and poetry days!

  10. Your words and pictures dance! That is what makes your post so readable.

    As I read the post, in my mind’s eye that simple act of making the soup seemed to align with the blossoms you have clicked. And I wondered how. And then I realised that it was all about being in the moment. That indeed is a great awareness.


    • Thank you, Shakti, for your kind words. You are right, that day I was just enjoying being in the moment, enjoying the changing of the seasons and taking it all in. I’m glad that came across in my words.

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