A Drinkable Book


This instructional book created by Water is Life provides pamphlets on how to keep water clean and potable.





What I love about it though is that the pamphlets themselves are water filtration systems!


photo via waterislife.com

photo via waterislife.com

photo via waterislife.com

photo via waterislife.com




If you want to donate to this amazing project, you can go to the website to learn more about it, and you’ll see the link for donations: www.waterislife.com





43 thoughts on “A Drinkable Book

  1. That is awesome! I shall go have a look at this. Books play such an incredible part in nurturing one’s mind so why not use them to help the body as well, it seems perfectly logical.

  2. That is amazing Letizia such a clever idea. It is sad to think many people do not have access to clean water. We sponsor two children, one in Africa and one in South America and I know through world vision number one priority is to educate and finance clean drinking water for each village. I would like to think something like this could be introduced everywhere.

  3. Thank you, Letizia for highlighting the need for ways to keep our drinking water safe. I have read the statistics on the ability of our earth to provide fresh water going forward. According to water.org, 1 in 10 people lack access to safe water. The numbers are staggering. Twice the population of the U.S. Lives without access to safe water. “The Drinkable Book” reminds us that these statistics can change for the better. This is progress. Thank you for your compassion and commitment to seek solutions in a complex world.

  4. I love seeing things like this that help change the world in some way. Thank you for letting us know about the web site. Now you’re making me want to read and drink. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  5. I see you are still coming up with the cleverest of posts, my friend! I think the book is so creative – that the pages are filters themselves is SO COOL! I’ll say cheers with glasses filled high with filtered water 😉 Happy New Year!

  6. Absolutely neat, and such a clever Way to raise awareness on this topic… I’d day this book is a must drink… Ehh… Read… 😉😀 all the best to you and happy weekend ahead. Aquileana ⭐️

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