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Mexico City

In the aftermath of the earthquake, I wanted to share my ode to Mexico City again:

reading interrupted.

“I am still bewitched by Mexico.” Carlos Fuentes.

IMG_1916 Outside Frida Kahlo’s house ©readinginterrupted.com

Before going to Mexico City this summer, Mexico was solely part of my imaginary literary landscape. A place as real or unreal as any narrative construct.

I knew Mexico through the beautifully complex works of Carlos Fuentes, the magical novel of Juan Rulfo, the pensive poetry of Octavio Paz, among others.

IMG_4271 ©readinginterrupted.com

Arriving in DF, I was immediately enchanted by this complex, modern yet ancient cultural city.

IMG_1859 ©readinginterrupted.com

IMG_1857 The Templo Mayor ruins with the Libraria Porrua in the background, a great bookstore with a wonderful restaurant overlooking the ruins. ©readinginterrupted.com

Detail of Diego Rivera mural Detail of Diego Rivera mural ©readinginterrupted.com

IMG_1997 Museo Soumaya ©readinginterrupted.com

“The decline of the aperitif may well be one of the most depressing phenomena of our time.” Luis Buñuel

IMG_1900 Tequila time ©readinginterrupted.com

It’s a city of layers. Originally a web of canals that have now been built over…

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