Phone Reading

I love hearing about people’s reading habits (see previous post) and often ask people if they prefer traditional books or e-books.

One conversation that struck me was with a man I met at a recent conference.  He told me that while he reads paperbacks at home, when he travels he reads novels on his iPhone.

“Oh, you mean your iPad,” I replied. “No, my iPhone,” he replied amiably, taking his iPhone out from his pocket to show me.

True enough, he had a few novels on his iPhone. I was fascinated! Didn’t the tiny screen bother him? Nope, he replied. Did he zoom in to make the words larger? At first, he said. But then he got used to it, and now just read the text normally.


I was surprised and intrigued that he felt comfortable reading entire books on his iPhone.  I sometimes look up a short text if I need to quote something for work, but would never have thought (or really wanted) to read a whole book on one.

But is this more common than I think? I’ve always assumed the people around me were texting, but perhaps they’ve been reading Madame Bovary or the latest Stephen King.

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(Curious about the novel on my iPhone I used for the photos? It’s Beneath the Satin Gloves by Britt Skrabanek, a fellow blogger.  Her book and her blog are worth checking out! Check it out here: