Revisiting The Jefferson Bible

My first blog post was about The Jefferson Bible. Thomas Jefferson gathered excerpts from the four gospels of The New Testament in Latin, Greek, English and French. His aim was to cut out the parts he thought were directly linked to Jesus’ teachings to create his own Bible.

What interested me in my first post were the cut up bibles (the source books); what was left behind after he had cut out the passages he had chosen for his own bible.



I finally got around to buying The Jefferson Bible itself and what fascinates me about this edition is the invariable personal nature created by the collage. I love that it shows where he glued each passage. I love seeing his annotations.


all photos from my Smithsonian edition






Note to my followers who have a blog: Invariably, this post made me reflect on writing my first blog post. In the next few weeks, I thought it would be fun to go back in time and visit your first blog posts!