A Cortazar Christmas

Cortazar and cat.  Cover of "Save Twilight"

Cortazar and cat. Cover of “Save Twilight”

Last year my brother and I inadvertently gave our uncle the same book for Christmas.

The exact same edition.  It was quite funny actually!

Julio Cortazar’s Nouvelles, histoires et autres contes (the closest English equivalent would be Blow-Up: And Other Stories).


This isn’t the first time I’ve offered this book (and I’m guessing it probably won’t be the last).

I think we all have certain books we tend to give as gifts: one or two books that have marked our lives in a meaningful way.

We wait for the right person, the right occasion to bestow these gifts – hoping they will be moved by the words just as we were.  I think it is sometimes a way to give thanks for all the wonderful literary recommendations of the past.

Happy holidays to all of you and here’s looking forward to a new year of reading wonderful  books!


Note: For those of you who love Cortazar like I do, you must read Tom Gething’s wonderful essay on him called “Sabotage” at the following link: BarcelonaReview.

(Tom is a fellow blogger so, while you are at it, check out his great blog at http://tomgething.wordpress.com/)