The One Book Bookshop



Morioka Shoten is a bookshop in Tokyo that only features one book per week.  In its small space, you will find multiple copies of that work along with a small accompanying exhibit.

The owner, Yoshiyuki Morioka, told the Guardian, “When selling a book on flowers, in the store could be exhibited a flower that actually appears in the book . . . Also, I ask the authors and editors to be at the bookstore for as much time as possible.”




Most of the books are by Japanese authors, such as Moon Night and Glasses by Gy Mimei  or Fish-Man by Maseru Tatsuki.  But he has also selected international works, such as The True Deceiver by the Finnish writer Tove Jansson.

Issatsu, Isshitsu (一冊、一室) translates to ‘A Single Room, A Single Book.’ It’s a charming idea, and a place I would love to visit one day.