Read More, Smell More!

My dear friend, the scent expert, Nicola, often shares stories of what he sees around him on his travels and reminds me to look for beauty in unexpected places.

So when I saw this work of graffiti in NYC a few weeks ago, I not only chuckled at its fun message, but I immediately thought of him.

IMG_1203I sent Nicola the photo and asked him if the graffiti inspired him in any way, would he be generous enough to write something for my blog, and lucky for me, it did!

from Nicola:

Girl, smell more
And the world will unfold.

Smell the brown,
Your day can be more round.

Smell the yellow,
Feel the joy, let it be your fellow.

Smell the green,
Freedom, that’s what it means.

Smell the white,
Flowers by day, love by night.

Smell the blue,
The sea is yours, but he is… who?

Girl, smell more
And the world will unfold.


THANK YOU, Nicola! Sei un tesoro!

So, let’s all read more, smell more, inspire and be inspired!

Check out Nicola’s blog here: