Super-Speed Reading

A few weeks ago I saw a woman reading a novel while walking down the street.

I mean, she was completely engrossed in what she was reading. Her body swiftly avoiding light posts, dogs, cars and children with ice cream cones in a supernatural way not seen outside of science-fiction movies.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo of my Super-Speed Reader as she was too fast, but ‘edenpictures’ seems to have been able to catch a young one in training here!

I stopped to watch her in awe.  She must have glanced up from time to time as we all do when walking and texting but I wasn’t able to catch her doing that in the time I observed her.

I envy her for a couple of reasons:

  1. I wonder what book she was reading that had her this captivated that she so casually risked her life (her speed prevented me from reading the title of the book).
  2. I so wish I had her supernatural ability to read (and I mean really read – as in fully engage with the text with complete disregard to everything around you) and walk without pausing to your destination.

I’m sure we all have a Super-Skill we dream of having…. it may seem odd, but this one is mine…..