Reading through the Storm

Here on the East Coast of the U.S. where I live, we are preparing for Hurricane Sandy to arrive in a day or two.

What this has meant for us in the past is downed trees, flooded basements, and no electricity (anywhere from a few hours to one week).

The usual preparations have been made:

getting the flashlights out, buying bottled water (last year our tap water was contaminated) and food, charging all electronic devices, putting the garden furniture inside, going for long walks with my dog, etc.

Some of the preparations:

If we do lose electricity, it will give me an opportunity to try out my new reading headlamp.

 I will curl up in bed and read during the storm and try not think about any possible damage to the house or garden.

And I will remind myself that there is always sun after the rain!…… Here’s a photo I took of a couple of squirrels sunbathing on my damaged Magnolia tree after last year’s October storm…