“Oh…. Fork!”





4-letter words make me smile (no, I’m not referring to curse words- although they often make me laugh when I hear them – they’ve always sounded forced coming from me, like a 14 year old trying to smoke a cigarette to be cool….).

No, I just mean simple, English words with 4 letters. Preferably with a hard consonant at the beginning and one at the end.

I was reminded of this as I walked into the “Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language” exhibition at the MoMA.  The floor was painted with the words “…..walk talk walk talk….”

There’s something about the neat and even image of four letters; the short, punctuated sound. There’s a strength and directness to these words (probably why those famous four lettered words are so satisfying at times).

I wonder if there are people who get excited at 3 letter words that start with a vowel or giggle at words with 4 syllables or find 2 letter words beautiful in their simplicity?