versatile blogger award!

A very big “Thank You!” to Britt from a physical perspective for nominating me for the versatile blogger award! I’m very new to blogging so getting this award is a lot of fun; youpee!  Britt is a great writer so I’ll let her explain her blog in her own words :  “a bouquet of sporadic thoughts including: tips on loving life, healthy ways to get through the day, how movement keeps you alive, why your bike should never have any cobwebs on it, and a bit about my new adventure as an indie author, trying to make it in the impossible field of writing.”

Definitely worth checking out! “A Physical Perspective”

When you win this blogging award, you should nominate 15 other bloggers who have cool/interesting/creative/thought-provoking blogs – so here they are, in no particular order (sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and be prepared to be inspired and have fun):

1. emilyjanuary

2. barbaryprose

3. postmodernspray

4. bendedbrains

5. thelupinelibrarian

6. wheniride

7. marviiilous

8. minalimablog

9. urbanbamboo

10.  booksjadore

11. homeboundglobal

12. liesamalik

13. mondomusings

14. farmhouse38

15. inlovewithjournals

The other rule is that I have to tell you 7 little things about myself….

1.  I often (always) sing along to the radio when driving.

2. I’ve lived in 6 countries (a few of them more than once).

3. I like to dance when I cook.

4. My dog’s name, Baffi, means “mustache” in Italian.

5. Countries I want to visit soon: Iceland and Japan (not in the same trip….)

6. I love stationary and stationary stores.

7. I saw a woodpecker at my bird feeder this morning and got ridiculously excited.

15 thoughts on “versatile blogger award!

  1. I know, I got so excited to see him up close! I always hear him and sometime glimpse him from afar.Your blog always makes me smile so I immediately knew I had to nominate it!

  2. Hi Letizia — Congratulations on the Versitile Blogger award. Love your 7 special somethings about yourself. Thanks too, for nominating me. Wishing you continued success. Liesa

    • Thanks, Liesa – it was actually hard to think of 7 things to say about myself for some odd reason! I really like your blog so wanted to include it in my list of cool blogs that people should check out 🙂

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