Paperback Rider

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Do you remember my previously expressed desire to master the art of reading and walking without looking up from my book?


Well, I found a product that suggests that there is a group of daredevil readers out there that puts my wish to shame.

A bookstand that attaches to one’s bicycle so you can read while biking!

A frightening, potential circus act for when you just have to find out what happens next in your book while running errands or cycling to work…..

(there’s a part of me that just loves this)


These are my two favorite reviews of the product:

“initially, my magazines and books kept blowing off on the downhills, but once I figured out how to attach them with binder clips, all was well.”

“I could imagine getting through War and Peace by the time I crossed the finish line.”


Any takers?


69 thoughts on “Paperback Rider

  1. Holy dangerous invention, Batman!
    I especially liked the first product review you included. LOL! Milwaukee has a substantial biking community which I am proud to be a part of. The problem is people become reckless and constantly talk and text as they ride. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw one of these in the flesh…I’ll alert you if I see one! : )

  2. Lovely blog and I can’t even ride a bike without holding on after over 60 years… lol! I enjoy your pics and thoughts… I shall return, joyfully…

  3. I admire the people’s creativity to make these products! But I don’t think that I’d take the risk of reading whilst cycling!

    • Great comment 🙂

      The website also mentions it can be used for stationary bikes, although it doesn’t put that as the only use which I found fascinating…..

  4. That looks dangerous! I can’t walk a few feet without bumping into people while trying to find a number on my phone, let alone read a book while walking or riding a bike!

    • It’s ridiculously dangerous, I agree.

      I think I saw somewhere on the website that it could also be used to put a trail map if you’re going mountain biking which actually sounds practical (as long as you stop riding when you look at it so you don’t hit a tree!).

      But I would be the first one to ride right into a brick building if I started riding and reading a book at the same time as I’m just like you!

  5. This is something certainly I would love to try.
    But I guess I’ll wait and see how you guys are doing after some trial runs. 🙂
    Nice one, 😀

  6. Oh, that velodrome photo makes me laugh. All that is needed is some cucumber sandwiches and seed cake.
    A bicycle with reading stand? Faugh, amateurs! I see kids on their way to school trying to read their homework whilst riding no hands, as well as the phone thing. (In seriousness, I do not in any way recommend that, it’s scarily dangerous and I do not want to see the day one of them swerves into a car’s path.)

    • I could just see him with cucumber sandwiches and seed cake! He is so elegant and composed, I wish I could look like that while cycling.

      I think you’ve uncovered a whole new market for this product: children using it to finish their homework – not just reading but even using it as a desk to finish writing in their notebooks! Oh dear, let’s make sure they don’t find out about it!!

  7. Ummm. I don’t want to drive by anybody who is using this gadget… Let’s have somebody pedal and navigate for us so that we can concentrate on reading. How about that?

    • The website says it can be used on stationary bikes too but I was fascinated by the fact that this wasn’t highlighted as the only use. It also says it’s great for use on road and mountain bikes – so you have the choice of heading into a bus or a tree! 🙂

  8. Thank you 🙂 it was a great holyday.

    I tried to text while riding my bike, did not work out well 😛

  9. It looks like a music stand for a bike. Maybe it could be used in a parade by a biking band (instead of marching)? I’d recommend the tuba player ride a tricycle. I also like the suggestion for use on a tandem bike. Maybe it could be a one bike band…

    • You are so sweet! I’m actually taking a (possibly permanent) break from writing about awards but I am extremely flattered and can’t wait to check out your post!!

  10. In high school I hung out at our small town library, okay so I practically lived there, anyway coming home on my bike I decided to read while I rode, An interesting fall and one huge bruise a few minutes later changed my mind on the subject, it does look cool though!

      • Actually I slide quite awhile (I was also bringing home 5 other books with the other hand so I was riding without “any” hands on the handle bars (lol) the bike hit a bump and I flew onto the pavement. I didn’t want to hurt the books (so precious to me) so I hung onto them and slide on my jeans covered thigh. I had a foot wide bruise for quite a while! Silly me and my love of books. Penny 🙂

  11. I came back to see this one again and smiled 🙂 I think it involves multitasking and that I might not be able to fully concentrate on the words if I’m peddling as I read! I sometimes have enough trouble not knocking over my mug of tea 😀

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